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MR AJIT GADGIL started as a entrepreneur in 1990  at the age of 18 years when he was studying for Diploma second year in Production Technology. And under the able guidance of Mr A.T.GADGIL started manufacturing  with  flow switches & allied process control equipment . By year 1993 after passing out as BE (Industrial Engineering) he devoted himself fully to running the company. He specialised in manufacturing of Special Purpose Machines ranging from

  • Epoxy mixing plant
  • Oil filtration plant
  • Vacuum drying ovens
  • Test stands like rain test set-up for military applications.

 After sensing the need for re-refining equipment in 2003 . Mr Ajit Gadgil developed the short path thin film evaporator .Such short path thin film evaporators are already supplied to companies in Maharashtra & Karnataka all of them are approved & working successfully.

Now we have launched  new products  soly dedicated to Waste Management work with projects for

 E-waste Management

Manufacturing of short path thin film evaporators for used oil re-refining & recycling of waste oil.

Consultancy in non ferrous metal foundry setup.