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We can provide consultancy to meet the needs of the client.  Typically this consultancy will include giving guidelines for necessary statutory permission to be obtained for setting up a used oil/waste oil refinery, competitive, pricing, and market analyses  & may act as the client’s representative, if necessary.  



Since the implementation of hazardous waste management rules in India,there is a shift from use of acid for seperation of impurities in oil to a environment freindly technology of thin film evapoaration. A large number of large capacity refineries have come up which are capital intensive ,require lot of space & skilled manpower is required. But these high priced technologies don't cater to the needs of small refiners who have been using acid clay refining as their source of business.
The small refiners lack the necessary technical knowledge ,cannot make large investments & lack the necessary logistics for selling in volumes in world market.Hence the tendency for adultration of oil.
Plus illegal processing with acid clay process leads to hazardous sludge which affects the environment if not properly disposed through authorised disposal agencies.
To cater to this very segment we have developed our product ' SPTFE"
We provide our clients with equipment which work on the technology approved by SPCB/CPCB.
The heating is by electricity,hence no need for furnace oil/chimney stack.
Our technology takes care of any emmissions through vacuum pump & keep in allowable limits.
These is no use of any chemical in process.
Any water generated is used as top up for cooling.Hence after initial start up there is no requirement for water in large quantity.
The unit is mounted on skid base & are easily transportable.
Except for initial intake filter contaminants there is no waste generated.
The clients are given proper test equipment (optional) with lab assistant backup so that every input oil & finish product is tested.
If client requires,assistance is provided for blending licence & ISI mark.
Our definite goal is to help small refiners with necessary tools to produce a world class base oil product which can be readily sold in market at higher cost.
 Similarly coolants are used in large quantity in manufacturing industry for component machining.After  certain hours of use they tend to give foul odour & form slop oil which floats on top. That is when the coolant is replaced. Usually manfacturing companies employ skimmers for seperating the free floating oil which is discarded as used oil.But a large amount of dissolved oil is still there in the liquid which cannot be easily seperated out.Hence it is in many cases disposed of by providing labour charges for treatment & disposal.
The process again used in such case is usually acid cracking ,which is not environment freindly & generates hazardous sludge ,plus less oil is recovered.
In our "SPTFE" coolant seperators separation is by evaporation ,oil & water is easily seperated ,no hazardous sludge is generated leading to more recovery of used oil.
If properly processed manufacturing units can recover cost from coolant waste rather then paying someone for its processing & disposal.
A sample costing is provided in our case study & client feedback section.
To learn more about our services and pricing structure, please email us at ajit_gadgil@hotmail.comor 9922752760.